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Microsoft Dynamics for Warehousing & Distribution boosts efficiency to effectively manage warehouse and distribution companies, including sales, inventory, shipping & receiving, and customer service. Respond quickly to last-minute customer requests and changes, and take advantage of new business opportunities to stay ahead of your competition.

Grow Your Business with Confidence
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Grow Your Business with Confidence

Many warehouse & distribution companies reach a tipping point where the very systems used to manage growth, hinder their ability to act with agility and insight. As you business grows and diversifies, you need more than basic bookkeeping, inventory, shipping and receiving, and backward-looking reporting.

Five signs your account system may be hindering your growth:

  1. You can’t scale operations to support business growth
  2. You can’t wrap your arms (or your head) around your business
  3. You are reactive when you need to be proactive
  4. You can’t support a mobile workforce
  5. You can’t meet customer expectations

Microsoft Dynamics for Warehousing & Distribution ships with Warehouse Management that can be configured to fit your businesses processes and order volume. You can be assured that as your business grows and changes DMS and Microsoft Dynamics NAV will be there to ensure success.

  • Eliminating excess and dead stock
  • Balancing carrying costs against order fill rates
  • Streamlining warehouse operations
  • Reducing shrink and waste
  • Capitalizing on just-in-time, cross-docking, and drop-ship opportunities
  • Do away with manual time and warehouse transaction errors by using bar coding

Shipping & Receiving Role with Open PO’s per Location

Maintain your competitive advantage and strengthen relationships by responding faster to your customers’ expectations at the right time with the right information.

    • Increase the accuracy of promised orders and respond quickly to customer questions about order status and delivery
    • Plan rush orders immediately from the sales order
    • Modify orders easily at any point

Sales Order Role on Surface or iPad Tablet

At the heart of every distribution business is your inventory. DMS and Microsoft Dynamics NAV can enable a mobile workforce to better manage and forecast your current inventory to lower your overhead and reduce risk.

DMS Mobile Warehouse Data Module

Unlike other Mobile Warehouse inventory management software packages, DMS’s Mobile Warehouse Data Module inherently supports all NAV location and item tracking configurations to quickly and efficiently enables a mobile workforce. Advanced capabilities for License Plating and Physical Inventory counts significantly extend NAV’s capabilities and bring mobile device integration to the warehouse.

Use the latest bar-coding technology to reduce your overhead relating to:

  • Capture warehouse transactions
  • Reduce or eliminate inventory count inaccuracies
  • Increase inventory to compensate for inaccurate item tracking
  • Ship incorrect product counts due to improper inventory control
  • Sell product that is not in inventory

Mobile Warehouse Data Module & Inventory Count

DMS Physical Inventory Count Module

Reduce the effort required to keep your physical inventory synchronized with the DMS Physical Inventory Count Module. Whether performing manual data entry or scanning inventory bar codes DMS and Microsoft Dynamics NAV can easily manage complete or partial physical inventory and cycle counts, including Work in Process (WIP).
Improve your margins by:

  • Increasing sales confidence related to what is “in stock”
  • Increasing worker productivity by reducing in stock search time
  • Increase customer satisfaction due to on time order deliveries
  • Reducing inventory overstock that was used to compensate for out of sync inventory control software

Physical Inventory Count on Bar Code Scanner

DMS Payroll Solutions

Reduce high overhead costs by streamlining worker time collection and payroll processing. Eliminate manual time card and payroll data. DMS offers a wide range of options to fit with your payroll requirements.