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  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV


  • Saving time by automating processes
  • Increased accounting accuracy
  • Better decision making with real-time data

ERP an Efficiency Booster for Manufacturers

Compact Mould is an international producer of a variety of molds and also offers prototype, production, maintenance and repair services to its clients.

The Problem

Compact Mould’s enterprise resource planning software didn’t grow in step with the company and slowly depreciated, changing from an advantage to a detriment as the needs of the business developed. Features that were regarded as state of the art in the past, such as separate accounting and inventory management software systems, were now holding Compact Mould back – especially when compared to the end-to-end functionality of modular, fully integrated ERP platforms. There was an increased chance for errors due to requirements for manual data entry and because the different systems couldn’t share the same stream of information.

“Legacy software was becoming extinct and we were worried [about] how we could continue in the future,” said Gaston Petrucci, executive vice-president at Compact Mould. “Before, we could make huge errors on the accounting side without really noticing, because [the systems] were separate.”

The Solution

Moving from separate, outdated systems to Microsoft Dynamics NAV offered a complete and cost- effective solution to the problems Compact Mould was facing with its older software. The modular nature of NAV allowed DMS to create an “almost 1-to-1 replacement of the old system,” according to Petrucci. While there certainly were some changes in terms of how employees interacted with the new ERP system, DMS’s implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV enhanced visibility into operations and connected the different ends of the business into a single platform.

Petrucci was also impressed with the knowledge that employees of DMS shared with him, providing a timeline of improvements planned by Microsoft for the system. Along with the major improvements in linking the accounting and inventory systems, Compact Mould’s new ERP also allowed for the direct creation of a shop schedule, further improving efficiency.

The Benefits

Compact Mould was able to progress from outdated, legacy management systems that was a potentially serious liability in terms of correctly recording financial and other information to an ERP platform that spurs business effectiveness. Instead of time wasted on data entry and manual processes, the automated, end-to-end nature of Microsoft Dynamics NAV lets the employees of Compact Mould focus on what they do best.

The enhanced insight also enables real-time viewing of data, as opposed to the manual transfer process that previously occurred. Now, Compact Mould can count on its ERP system as an efficiency booster and a source of accurate data.

The Dynamic Difference

Along with a modern ERP platform, DMS provided the customized integration and ongoing consulting that such projects need to succeed. Because NAV is built from a wide variety of components that are selected by the user, the training and consulting aspects of adding a system are crucial.

Petrucci highlighted the industry-specific knowledge that DMS put to use in providing the most efficient and useful ERP system possible as a major benefit of working with the company. He said getting in touch to ask a question or comment has been especially easy and there are layers of support offered to meet the needs of clients. The ongoing support for an ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics NAV is just as important, if not more so, than the initial implementation.

“They don’t just offer an implementation to switch us over,” Petrucci said. “It’s the consulting and the experience they have working with companies like ours.”

About DMS

Founded in 2008, DMS began as a collection of professionals with decades of combined experience developing and implementing productivity solutions. With a well rounded collective skill-set, DMS has quickly become one of Canada’s fastest growing companies by putting customer success above all else.

Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions (DMS) has extensive experience developing productivity solutions for clients in the manufacturing and distribution industries. Based on experience and industry feedback, DMS has developed a collection of add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics NAV that promote operational efficiency from the shop floor to the boardroom.

About Compact Mould

Compact Mould is an international company specializing in the creation of extrusion, stretch and injection stretch blow molds. It also offers tooling and design services, from prototypes to high- volume production, as well as maintenance and repair functions. Compact Mould has grown to be an international presence spanning the entirety of North America during the past 30 years.