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Headquartered in Edmonton, DMS has grown out of the robust manufacturing, fabrication, distribution and warehousing environment that serves northern Alberta, and beyond. Extend Dynamics NAV to empower a mobile workforce using bar code readers to improve efficiencies, reduce errors, drive profit, and much more.

Enhanced Time Collection
Warehouse Mobile Data Collection
Physical Inventory Count
Safety Log Book
Enhanced Planning Pack
Project Progress Billing & Hold-backs
Product Configurator

Enhanced Time Collection

DMS enhanced time collection is a comprehensive solution for barcoded time capture, field service, time and attendance, and employee management. Available in three versions, the system can be used for simple time capture to full-blown time and attendance, payroll integration, and much more.

  • Eliminate manual time entry with barcode scanning for Production Orders, Jobs, Service Orders, and Maintenance
  • Capture operational data on the shop floor or in the field, including consumption, output, scrap, and quality measures
  • Record non-productive and rework time for advanced reporting on utilization and quality
  • Record time and attendance based on employee shifts with exception reporting
  • Automatically calculate overtime, shift differentials, etc for direct export to payroll systems
  • Multi-level timecard approval from shop floor or NAV
  • Access via web browser to enable data entry from mobile devices in the field or shop floor

Warehouse Mobile Data Collection

Unlike other Mobile Warehouse inventory management software packages, Insight Works’ Warehouse Insight add-on for NAV inherently supports all NAV location and item tracking configurations to quickly and efficiently enable a mobile workforce. Advanced capabilities for License Plating and Physical Inventory counts significantly extend NAV’s capabilities and bring mobile device integration to the warehouse.

Use the latest barcoding technology to reduce your overhead relating to:

  • Capturing warehouse transactions
  • Reduce or eliminate inventory count inaccuracies
  • Increasing inventory to compensate for inaccurate item tracking
  • Shipping incorrect product counts due to improper inventory control
  • Selling product that is not in inventory

Mobile Warehouse Data Module & Inventory Count

Physical Inventory Count

Reduce the effort required to keep your physical inventory synchronized with the Insight Works’ Inventory Management Module. Whether performing manual data entry or scanning inventory bar codes DMS and Microsoft Dynamics NAV can easily manage complete or partial physical inventory and cycle counts, including WIP.
Improve your margins by:

  • Increasing sales confidence related to what is “in stock”
  • Increasing worker productivity by reducing in stock search time
  • Increase customer satisfaction due to on time order deliveries
  • Reducing inventory overstock that was used to compensate for out of sync inventory control software

Physical Inventory Count on Bar Code Scanner

Safety Log Book

Ensure your safety program is compliant with governmental regulations. The NAV Safety Log Book allows you to log all Health and Safety Environment (HSE) related activities, such as training certifications, safety incidents, and meetings, for a complete searchable history by date, activity type or employee.

The DMS Safety Logbook module allows organizations to electronically log all HSE related information, including incidents, near misses, injuries, meeting minutes, certifications, and more. The logbook helps ensure compliance with the reporting requirements of regulatory bodies, ISO, etc.

The Logbook provides detailed reporting and a Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Dashboard view for management of all activities.

Enhanced Planning Pack

The Enhanced Planning Pack is the single biggest productivity improvement you can provide to your planners. Reduce the amount of time required to manage production activities by hours. Includes enhanced worksheets, obsolete inventory management, and Bill of Materials (BOM) management tools.

Enhanced Planning Worksheet

Provides a “dashboard” view of all planning-related information to enable better-informed decision making, and allowing for easier viewing and management of planning information.

Item End-of-life Management

Automatically uses up existing obsolete inventory before planning for replacement inventory.

Enhanced Subcontract Worksheet

Allows purchasers to manage repetitive subcontract instructions globally to eliminate redundant data entry. Allows users to automatically copy document links from the routing or item to the purchase order in NAV.

Bill Of Material Management

  • Interactive, hierarchical multi-level bill form for analyzing structure, availability, and costing of BOMs
  • Low-level coding by exception to eliminate long delays with dynamic low-level coding
  • Automated component selection based on variant code of top-level item. This allows you to create a master BOM with optional items that are only included on production orders based on the variant of the item being manufactured


Built for fast counter sales, this easy-to-use system enables your staff to sell parts and materials quickly and easily. This multi-location system can process many thousands of sales order per month.

  • Order Wizard: makes it easy to select existing customers or create new ones
  • The Dynamics NAV sales order form has been modified to accept payments and deposits, as well as track lost sales
  • Order summary is updated real-time right on the sales order as parts and materials are entered
  • Multiple payment types along with authorization codes are easily setup for use
  • Signature capture for each specific order is available using a signature pad
  • Daily closing report is available to be run each day to manage cash draw reconciliation

Project Progress Billing & Hold-backs

Easily manage progress billing and hold-backs on your important projects.

  • Automatically run progress billing, hold-backs and adjustment routines to produce sales invoices or credit memos
  • Run what-if scenarios to determine payment estimations

Product Configurator

Improve your ability to accurately quote products that have to be built directly from the sales order. Create new Bills of Materials (BOM) or use an existing BOM tailored to fit with your customer’s requirements, easily and quickly.