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Payroll for Dynamics NAV

For anyone responsible for payroll runs who want to simplify the process, Canadian Payroll for Dynamics NAV is a complete Canadian payroll solution that is easy to set-up and use. Canadian Payroll helps you pay and manage hourly and salary-based employees.

Module to manage detailed employee time sheets
Manage payroll details for each employee
Pay employees electronically through your banking provider
General ledger automatically syncs with payroll runs
Up-to-date tax tables

Payroll doesn’t need to be intimidating

Simple setup

Canadian Payroll seamlessly integrates with Dynamics NAV. No need to involve your tech support guy.

Perfect for your company

Canadian Payroll grows with your company with support for hourly and salaried staff with multiple pay-period options to choose.

Save time

Canadian Payroll enables you to track your employee time and payroll information including pay rates and pay types all in one easy-to-use add-in.

Payroll Worksheet

Packed with all the features you need… and then some

  • Detailed Employee Time Sheets

    Unlike payroll solutions that require you to enter hours for each employee before running payroll, Canadian Payroll enables users to track detailed time for each employee and use this data to generate payroll calculations automatically.

  • Manage Employee Details

    Easily create employee profiles and manage the information. This includes detailed employee time tracking, setting salary levels, adding bonuses and managing custom deductions.

  • Bank Integration

    Use the powerful Microsoft NAV built-in bank integration to pay employees electronically.

  • General Ledger

    Payroll transactions are automatically posted to your general ledger. No more errors when transcribing data.

  • Up-to-Date Tax Tables

    Tax tables are automatically kept up-to-date, so you will always remain compliant without having to think about it.

  • Safe and Secure

    Bank-grade security is in place to protect all your data.

  • Protected Privacy

    We promise to never sell or share your data with anyone other than when given explicit permission in the case of remitting information to the government.

  • Employee Self-Serve*

    Employees can access their current and historical payslip details at anytime.

Reliability and security you can count on


Backed by Microsoft’s security policies

You can sleep at night knowing your detailed payroll and employee data is secure. Canadian Payroll leverages the Microsoft Dynamics 365 security model that protects data integrity and privacy, and supports efficient data access and collaboration.

Your privacy is protected

All of your payroll data used by Canadian Payroll is governed by Microsoft’s privacy policy. It’s your data. You own the data you store and process with Microsoft NAV. We use your data only to provide the services you want. Learn more about Microsoft’s security, privacy and compliance here.

* Available October 2017. Valid Microsoft Dynamics 365 User Licenses are required.