For many warehousing and manufacturing entities worldwide, barcoding has become an essential part of daily operations.

Nevertheless, some companies have yet to discover the simplicity and efficiency barcode systems bring. While there are certainly other benefits, these are merely four ways barcode integration can streamline your production process:

1. Enable efficiency
Keeping track of inventory can be one of the more difficult aspects of production. Not only do barcode inventory systems manage this task, but they do so in a manner that provides more accurate and real-time updates than other systems.

From receiving to dispatching, you'll be more clued in to the whereabouts and statuses of all the parts moving through your organization. Having a firmer grip on your inventory and stock control will free you up to focus on other areas of your business.

2. Reduce errors
Clerical and data entry errors can result in a loss of revenue and an overall sense of frustration for both the company and its customers. While human data entry results in approximately one error per 300 characters, today's barcode scanners have nearly perfect track records. Though results vary depending on your scanner, some systems indicate errors only once per several million characters.

3. Cut down on training time
While most paper and clipboard inventory systems require a strict set of rules and lengthy training, barcodes, on the other hand, are generally as simple as hitting a button or two. Ultimately, this saves incoming employees from having to learn complicated inventory and pricing procedures – and saves you or another employee time when training them.

4. Increase revenue
Although there may be initial costs for the hardware and software required to establish a barcode system for your company, chances are, these costs will be quickly offset as your new system facilitates accuracy and efficiency in your organization.

As mentioned above, barcode systems will likely save your company money in the way of preventing errors and decreasing paid training hours – thereby increasing your bottom line.

Additionally, barcode integration will put you in a position to move products faster through production – and with less errors. Ultimately, this will enable your company to handle more sales while continuously satisfying customers – in turn, creating a cycle of more sales and revenue down the road.

Companies who want to learn more about NAV barcode technologies can download our white paper about the features and benefits of enhanced time collection today.

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