As decision-makers at manufacturing companies start the process of implementing or upgrading to a new ERP system, they may find they prefer to hire or internally promote an onsite ERP project manager. Doing so can serve as an added benefit to offsite ERP consultant efforts; additionally, it can ease the in-plant training process.

There are several traits high-performing project management candidates should possess. Those qualities include the following:

1. Experience
While experience is important for any job position, it is absolutely crucial for ERP project managers. Inexperienced project managers may possess a high level of understanding when it comes to the ERP system itself, but that can fall short if they're unable to pair it with the ability to manage people. Your company needs someone who will be respected and valued within its infrastructure.

2. Resilience
When it comes to the ideal candidate, a lengthy ERP history should be accompanied by a proven track record. Regardless of circumstance, the best project managers refuse to fail. As ERP Focus pointed out, this should be more than just a common phrase for interview candidates to spout off – the right candidate will embody this trait.

3. Impeccable communication skills
ERP systems affect a large majority of the warehouse's processes; because of this, overseers will need to communicate with employees at every level. According to ERP Focus, project managers should be able to effectively relay information to everyone within the organization – from shop floor employees to the highest executive.

4. Transparency
Many employers and employees would agree some of the best managers have the ability to admit when they've made a mistake. After all, once that mistake is out in the open, it can then be discussed and solved. On the other hand, such admissions of fault should not be a regular occurrence for any employee; at that point, your company is dealing with another problem entirely.

5. Ability to think quickly
No matter how good your project manager might be, errors will inevitably pop up with the introduction of a new ERP system. Any manager worth his or her weight will be able to continuously adapt to situations as they arise, maintaining their cool and keeping small issues from spilling over into crisis territory.

With these qualities in mind, project managers will be able to coordinate with Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation services, limiting the adjustment period and making the process smoother – from beginning to end – for all involved.

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