When it comes to implementing new enterprise resource planning software like Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, it can be challenging to understand all the ins and outs of the software. Companies may find themselves confused on how specific benefits will be integrated. More importantly, there is often a knowledge gap in terms of what the software can actually do. As a consequence, making a sound decision on how and what to implement can be a difficult practice. However, Microsoft offers help in this manner by making sure its partners are able to adequately handle the needs of small-to-midsized businesses as they transition to the new ERP solution.

A trusted friend in the business
Microsoft developed the Partner system as a way for businesses to better integrate their Dynamics line of ERP software. Instead of relying heavily on the vendor, a manufacturer can work closely with someone who has experience and knowledge with the programs being installed. Most partners have years of experience working with different types of companies to get results. They're also often familiar with the local market conditions enough that unique obstacles can be addressed easily. Essentially, a Dynamics Partner serves as both a guide and consultant to the selection and implementation process.

There are distinct benefits to having this sort of person involved when choosing and installing ERP software. The person can give the company a unique business advantage by providing critical insights that are necessary to make sound business decisions, according to ERP Focus. That in turn can make the whole process a lot smoother for all the stakeholders involved.

Honesty with accuracy
There are other reasons to have a Dynamics NAV Partner on hand as a consultant. For one thing, given the complexity of ERP software and the diverse needs of any given manufacturer, there can be a lot of conflict over what can be done. By having someone there to relay the features of the software and what they can do in great detail, implementation teams can figure out how to effectively resolve issues that develop as the new software goes live.

On a more important level, there's the ability of these consultants to have "fresh eyes" on any business. Certain problems that can greatly hamper implementation may not appear as obvious to the companies installing the software, but a consultant will be able to identify right away an issue that could easily cause delays if not addressed properly. With an outsider's take on the situation, manufacturers can have a better view on what will make the project successful.

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