As we've previously discussed, mobile devices have a place in enterprise resource planning software and vice versa. However, when it comes to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the situation is somewhat distinct. The ERP software offers unique features in mobile that enable companies to do far more than before. These will help many companies gain a clear and impressive advantage over the competition. Small- and medium-sized businesses in particular stand to make great gains, being able to compete with larger businesses on an even footing by getting out there and meeting clients.

The act of participation
One of the main issues that smaller manufacturers may have with using ERP software is that they're unable to really meet with clients and demonstrate their capabilities as a whole. That's because they lack the sales and marketing staff that can leave the office and see prospective and current customers. More importantly, they lack the reputation to bring people in to demonstrate their capabilities. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015's mobile integration, that problem is greatly mitigated. Through either a hosted cloud service or Microsoft Azure Server, a company seeking to meet with potential customers outside their local area can bring the data from their ERP program with them. They can even display real-time, up-to-date information on business operations, showing them how operations are going without them necessarily being there, according to blog ERP VAR.

More importantly, Dynamics NAV 2015 increases a company's reach in terms of where employees are located. They don't necessarily need to be at the office or on the shop floor to get the data they need or complete orders that are necessary or approve of changes. In fact, a company could have workers based remotely in another part of the country without having to necessarily open an office, which presents new opportunities for potential customers.

Staying current
Real-time visibility and updating have been, as noted before, important tenets of being an agile manufacturer that can meet with the demands of customers and face the competition effectively. In addition, there's the ability to utilize Office 365 as well as Outlook to get important updates on orders or specific projects. If a manager is away to discuss matters with a client and a replenish stock order needs to be approved, he or she can sign off on it with a few touches on the tablet. This minimizes delay on anything that's being fabricated or made, with the goal of getting orders done much faster and keeping customers satisfied.

The other important aspect of real-time information is accuracy. With the amount of paperwork that goes into an order, any changes or small details need to be accounted for. By utilizing the centralized database of NAV ERP software, any alterations that need to be made can come in through an email or phone call and be implemented with a few inputs on the tablet. The customer can then view the results and know that their requests are being honored. This increases customer satisfaction and opens opportunities for revenue in the future.

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