It’s not easy – to say the least – to stay competitive in an industry as process-heavy and fast-paced as manufacturing, what with companies constantly trying to enhance production cycles to increase output in less time. We here at DMS understand that when solutions that once supported operations begin to drag a company down, facing massive problems is only the beginning of a litany of issues.

If you operate in the manufacturing sector, you have indeed come across the right blog post. What you need is a centralized platform that will enable efficient management of your entire operation – from making collaboration simple and processes much faster to transforming the job of reporting into something much more practical. This solution doesn’t come in the form of a magic pill you can swallow – we wish – but rather as a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system called Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Ready to move towards a more productive, agile and data-driven future? Dynamics 365 Business Central should be the first step…and a good fit for your manufacturing organization.

We’ve touched on these elements in previous DMS blogs on this site, but here we’re really going to get into the nitty-gritty concerning what Business Central brings to the manufacturing table.

By utilizing this ERP solution, your operations will experience:

  • Optimized Supply Chain – Imagine having a complete overview of your operations irrespective of the many groups involved in the supply chain…it’s not a dream but a reality with Dynamics 365. Now, you can collect data from internal teams, customers and even suppliers, all while creating accurate schedules, forecasts and budgets. Ultimately, a more efficient supply chain process is realized by centralizing production, sales and service delivery into a single platform. And, in gaining better visibility into the manufacturing process, you can adapt to future changes, reduce wasted resources and take advantage of new business opportunities.
  • Better Decision Making – Finding new ways to innovate means getting clear visibility into your production cycle, and that’s precisely what Dynamics 365 Business Central offers. Now, you can analyze both product and customer data – including resources and costs – in real time so you can make informed decisions, and this in turn enables you to identify which areas need improvement and what costs should be cut while you’re reinventing products and even business models.
  • Streamlined Asset Management – Controlling asset management processes is never an easy task, but Dynamics 365 allows you to do just that by providing information on performance, usage and lifecycle so your engineers can quickly address repairs, broken components and insights regarding the most efficient equipment.
  • Improved Customer Experience – The bottom line is this: You have to make customers feel they are valued at all times. The path to building trust and loyalty doesn’t end with producing excellent products, and this means you have to handle requests and inquiries promptly, respond to changes in demand and solve problems before they affect customers. Through predictive analysis and intelligent reporting baked into Business Central’s protocol, you can tailor your services to every customer based on their previous activities. What’s more, you’ll be able to better manage production orders and perform alterations at any point, coordinate make-to-order requests, prioritize rush orders and simplify purchasing decisions.

In addition to these, Dynamics 365 Business Central also helps you achieve well-managed inventory levels, an automated workflow and increased profitability.

Want to boast a high-performing team that follows time- and labor-saving processes while you deliver industry standard products in the shortest time possible? Looking to retain existing customers and uncover new markets? All of it can be realized through the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and DMS.

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