The rise of e-commerce has lead to an increase in delivery demands. Manufacturers who sell their products online need top-notch distribution procedures to compete with other companies.

According to the AfterShip blog, modern customers expect multiple delivery options, order updates and hassle-free returns. These accommodations generate a lot of data. In order to keep up with the modern consumer, shipping docks need to have the same information technology as the rest of the company.

Implementing an ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics NAV will allow fulfillment and shipping to report updates and view distribution data.

Shipping reporting
A manufacturer needs visibility of its shipping practices. The movement of products in and out of the warehouse is just as important as cash flow. While a company is quick to adopt data tools to monitor its financials, some businesses don't provide their dock workers with devices and software to manage inventory control.

Mobile technologies provided by Microsoft Dynamics NAV will facilitate constant reporting from any section of the business. Dock workers can update shipping progress as soon as the trucks roll out. Most mobile options will not take up any needed space. Employees can keep their data tools in their pockets.

Consistent information reporting creates accurate product tracking. When customers call for shipping updates, customer service will have real-time data to share. Distribution difficulties or mistakes are logged the second they occur. Manufacturers can alert clients of any hiccup in delivery and inform them what steps are in place for resolution.

Information visibility
An integrated software system also provides dock workers with information to create shipping orders. The same devices used to report data can gather intelligence about products and customer demands.

The Supply House Times said modern shipments are prepared using more information than ever before. Each customer may have very intricate delivery demands. Products must be picked and sorted based on schedule, client location and special handling considerations. A mobile device hooked into the company ERP software will provide the shipping dock with this information.

Shipments are prepared based on data collected by sales, manufacturing and customer service. Microsoft Dynamics NAV bar code systems can create warning notices if an item is scanned that does not meet certain criteria to prevent shipping mistakes. 

Each manufacturer has its own system for delivery and a unique way of running its shipping dock. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a flexible program that can be implemented to work with existing practices and procedures.

A warehouse should create its own routine for collecting data. The Microsoft Developer Network stated companies can choose the best time to create update checkpoints and the software can accommodate their systems. As the tools are implemented, an adoption team needs to report progress to the overall business. Dock workers should weigh in on how procedures are improving or if a new strategy is called for. 

Inventory managers and shipping supervisors can check out the white paper: Warehouse Management for Microsoft Dynamics NAV for more information on data tools.

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