Quality control goes beyond operational jargon. Simply put, it's a way of life for you and your warehouse.

In recent years, enterprise resource planning systems have become powerful tools for tracking quality control within organizations. Many advantages lie within the overlapping space of quality management and ERP implementation. Here, we elaborate on two of those benefits:

Documenting processes provides consistency 
ERP systems provide workers a method of recording vital company processes. As ERP Focus mentioned, a relevant example of this might be a company's need to make a product the same way every time – and thus, document the process to ensure internal compliance requirements and quality standards are consistently met.

Enabling better inventory control
As it stands, quality control acts as an extension of your company's inventory control – and vice versa. Having an overabundance of outdated, no-longer-in-demand product stocked on the shelves will likely cost your company money. On the other end of the spectrum, if you're manufacturing quality, up-to-date products, they'll likely be difficult to keep on the shelves.

An ERP system will eliminate excess and keep inventory shortages at a minimum. In the end, proper inventory management is essential to the sustainability of your company and its long-term success.

How do you get your QC department involved?
Sometimes manufacturers find employees opt to record data using workarounds or methods outside of their current ERP system. If you find such an issue within your own company, it's likely your employee either hasn't been trained properly on the system or your current ERP system is lacking functionality and it's time for an upgrade.

When it comes down it, companies don't need to have a separate system for quality control management. In order to ensure your shop floor is operating optimally and efficiently, quality control should be embedded within your ERP system. Implementing such a cohesive system will result in the same data and numbers being produced across the board – allowing for a single version of the truth within your company's infrastructure.

Ultimately, putting an ERP system into place that enables you and your employees to document processes and better control inventory will build your company's reputation through its level of consistency.

Companies interested in improving quality control through the use of an ERP system can click to download the "DMS Physical Inventory Count Module" data sheet.

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