For many companies in the logistics industry, it has become apparent that they need to adopt modern enterprise resource planning platforms if they want to keep up with how rapidly their sector is evolving. But to do so effectively, these firms need to come up with comprehensive plans that will allow them to get the most out of their adoption efforts. These days, it may be wise to make sure they pay particular attention to how warehouse data is collected and acted upon.

ERP can do a lot of things to make companies run more efficiently, but in a lot of cases there's a very real "look before you leap" component to adoption, according to Search ERP. Companies need to make sure the systems they hope to adopt will be able to successfully integrate the data they've collected over a period of years or even decades, and make it actionable as quickly as possible.

A mobile idea
However, they also have to come up with a comprehensive strategy for mobile data collection in particular, because that's likely to be at the heart of all future efforts to succeed, the report said. Outfitting employees and equipment alike with either wearables or hand-held mobile devices – which can track their movement throughout a facility and give up-to-the-minute information about everything they need to do their jobs most effectively – is a vital part of the ERP modernization process.

Indeed, wearables in particular are already starting to replace traditional hand-held mobile devices in a lot of more advanced warehouses, and in particular experts believe smart glasses may be the wave of the future here, according to Search Mobile Computing. These devices may be particularly valuable in boosting operational efficiency simply because they can be used to display necessary information instantaneously, and utilized in conjunction with effective mobile data collection, ensuring workers always know exactly what they should be doing at any given time.

Of course, this technology may be somewhat expensive to adopt today (especially for larger operations), but the price is expected to come down as it becomes more broadly available, the report said. Moreover, though, wearable mobile tech may be seen as an investment that helps to pay for itself over time.

Getting more out of workers
The ability to make every worker more efficient could be particularly important when it comes to data protection in the months ahead, according to SHD Logistics. The reason for this is simple: With many companies in the industry now already hiring for the holiday shipping season, competition for well-trained workers is fierce, and some firms may not be able to meet their hiring goals. That, in turn, creates a greater need for those firms to ensure they're operating as efficiently as possible.

While implementation of new strategies for mobile data collection won't be feasible in that small a timeframe, getting the ball rolling on boosting the efficiency level for every employee could have a significant long-term benefit for all companies as they transition to modern ERP platforms.