Are you the owner of a small manufacturing company with just a handful of employees looking for an alternative to QuickBooks for functions such as payroll and payment processing? Have you found yourself in a situation wherein your operations have perhaps outgrown the functionality of QuickBooks? Microsoft recently announced the much-anticipated release of Dynamics 365 Business Central – and this business management solution represents what you’ve been looking for to streamline business processes, improve customer interactions and make better decisions overall.

Dynamics 365 Business Central: A Simple Primer

Saying Dynamics 365 Business Central is a worthwhile solution in the manufacturing sector is like saying Canada has cold winters. In other words, it’s a gross understatement. Put simply, Business Central is a comprehensive, all-in-one solution designed for organizations that are not only outgrowing their entry-level accounting solutions, but looking to replace their current variants. It includes accounting and financial management capabilities as well as sales and service, project management, supply chain and inventory/operations management functions.

Further, Business Central brings the full power of Microsoft Dynamics NAV to the cloud, and as such boasts, at its foundation, a set of trusted, proven technologies that have served 160,000 customers and millions of users worldwide.

Dynamics 365 Business Central: Like QuickBooks on Steroids

You can think of Business Central like QuickBooks on steroids – but it’s not just for the big guys. Indeed, smaller operations benefit immensely from using this solution, as it offers affordable entry into ERP with a full suite of modern, popular applications that work better together and scale with you as you grow. Beyond connecting and automating the processes between your critical departments like sales, operations and finance, Business Central integrates seamlessly with Office 365, Power Apps, Microsoft Flow, PowerBI and other Microsoft cloud services.

Manufacturing-Specific Features of Dynamics 365 Business Central

  • Production Orders – Create and manage production orders and post-consumption/output to the production orders.
  • Version Management – Create and manage different versions of the manufacturing bill of materials and routings.
  • Agile Manufacturing – Plan rush hours, make exceptions and handle last-minute changes to your processes with multiple planning options.
  • Supply Planning – Plan for material requirements based on demand, with support for master production scheduling and materials requirements planning.
  • Demand Forecasting – Plan and create production and purchase orders, taking into consideration the demand forecast and level of available inventory.
  • Capacity Planning – Add capacities to the manufacturing process, and set up routings to use them on production orders and in material requirements planning.
  • Machine Centers – Manage capacity on several levels including on a more detailed level for machine centers and on a consolidated level for work centers.
  • Finite Loading – Take capacity restraints into consideration so that no more work is assigned to a work center than the capacities can be expected to execute during a given time period.

The Best Part: Simple to Get Started and Maintain

Unlike traditional software, Dynamics 365 Business Central is super-simple to get started with and maintain. You don’t need to be an IT wizard to operate it, and because it’s so easy to get up and running, you can focus on your business instead of struggling with trying to make the application work.

Along with new capabilities, Business Central includes an all-new user interface that is ridiculously simple to launch and get comfortable with. Boasting a familiar Microsoft Office 365 user interface, personalized feeds and smart notifications, Business Central enables you to work smarter and be more productive than ever before.

The Future is Headed Towards Business Central

Looking for a streamlined solution for your manufacturing operations? Check. Looking to upgrade your current solution? Check. Want to future-proof your operational management efforts? Double-check!

Indeed, Microsoft has worked hard to bring much of the Dynamics NAV functionality to the cloud, and with new user interfaces, ability for personalization and the power of integration with Office 365, the future is looking brighter than ever for the manufacturing sector with Dynamics 365 Business Central.